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Since I first installed Footing Tubes under my cabin in 2012, the soil has settled somewhat.  Each winter and spring, the soil now only moves up and down from 2 to 5 inches under different areas.  Still no sheet rock cracks or sticking doors thanks to Footing Tubes.

** UPDATE **
Lou Auger, Minnesota (December 2016)
Hi, if you are looking for testimonials, I have had a great experience.  The soil maps showed very poor soil for building so I decided to use the Footing Tubes.  I built a 30 x 36 foot cabin.  At the end of the first winter, the soil had moved up 3 to 7 inches on different parts of my cabin, but the cabin stayed stable and square.  No sheetrock cracks.  I double checked it with a transit.  I couldn't believe that one corner of the soil could move 7 inches in one winter in Minnesota, but I measured it in the fall and spring.  The soil did settle back by summer.  I was very glad I used the Footing Tubes.

Lou Auger
Minnesota (November 2013)

As a home owner who is building their own deck I would like to pass on to others how easy the Footing Tube is to install. I have also used the Big Foot/Sono tube product (nothing against this product) but as a DIY home owner I found that because the Footing Tube is one piece it was a lot easier to keep straight/level while back filling my trench. I very strongly recommend this product for its ease of installation. FYI for other DIY persons, if one is NOT pouring concrete on the same day that the forms are installed you want to use this product, as rain is not friendly with cardboard sono tubes. Yes, it does cost more but it is money well spent.

If in HRM, you will need the 10/12 size, as for some reason the 8 inch does not measure up to code.

Keith -- Lower Sackville, NS (July 2010)
I am pleased to submit herewith our report titled “Examining Footing Tubes in Soils Prone to Frost”. It describes a study carried out to determine the susceptibility of the “Footing Tube” to movement caused by adfreezing.

As detailed in the report, three prototype footings were installed in the field under conditions most likely to lead to adfreeze movement. The site was kept clear of snow in order to allow penetration of frost. Despite these conditions, none of the footings underwent any movement which could be attributable to adfreeze effects.

In addition to the field tests, a laboratory model was constructed and subjected to nine freeze-thaw cycles. This model also did not show any adbreeze-related movement.

The lack of susceptibility to adfreeze effects is due mainly to the tapered shape of the footing and the smooth polyethylene surface.

The main conclusion drawn from this experimental program is that footings, constructed using the “Footing Tube” are unlikely to suffer from adfreeze-related movement, even under the most unfavourable soil and weather conditions.

Brian Cooke, B.Sc., B.Eng., Ph.D.
Associate Professor
UNB Department of Civil Engineering
We would like to say that The Footing Tube has been a very refreshing new product and application that has allowed us to perform projects such as decks and additions at a fraction of the labour time and disruption previously required with construction tube and footing form applications.

The Footing Tube has performed very well for Case’s and we are confident when using the Footing Tube that it will perform as it has very successfully in many past projects.

The Footing Tube has great support capabilities with such a large footing base along with low susceptance to movement commonly a problem with the construction tube and similar products.

The home owner is very impressed with the performance of the Footing Tube and the cost saving initially allowed us to secure the project.

Robert A. Case
Case's Renovations Ltd.
We have been selling The Footing Tube since its introduction to the Fredericton building market and feel confident providing it to both our contractors and our “do-it-yourself” customers. The ease of installation and long-term advantages make this quality product attractive to both professional and non-professional builders and renovators.

Wayne Clarke, President
Wilkins Building Supplies Ltd.
We added a sun porch to our home several years ago and we had 4x4 posts wrapped in styra-foam, below frost line and sitting on patio slabs. The first couple years we were okay so we started to finish the outside. That winter the walls cracked around the windows, walls started coming away from original house and the door wouldn't even close. Frost was the culprit.

In the spring we dug it up, cut off the posts and installed jack posts supposedly so we could adjust them when winter came. This didn't work and we had the same problems as the previous winter. I was lamenting about the problem at work and a solution appeared. A co-worker suggested the Footing Tube, a new product on the market. We used it that spring and we have had them under the porch for 2 winters with no problems. I would recommend this footing tube to anyone who has a deck or sun porch which could be affected by frost movement.

Francis & Sheila Hanson
Upper Keswick, NB